Toyota GR Super Sport Hypercar unveiled by GR010 Hybrid Racer

This is the Toyota GR010 Hybrid hypercar. It’s the Japanese brand’s entry into the 2021 FIA World Endurance Championship – and soon a street version called Toyota GR Super Sport based on the same mechanics will be added.

The powertrain of the Toyota GR010 consists of a 671 hp 3.5-liter V6 with twin turbocharging and a 268 hp electric motor. The gasoline engine directs the drive to the rear wheels via a sequential seven-speed gearbox, while the electric motor drives the front wheels.

As expected, the drivetrain is supported by an arsenal of chassis technology, including a mechanical limited-slip differential, independent suspension with double wishbones, shock absorbers and a set of carbon-ceramic brake discs with monoblock brake calipers.

However, since the new FIA regulations limit the car’s power to 671 horsepower, Toyota had to use some electronic wizardry to keep the car legal. The ECU limits the power of the petrol engine according to the support that the electric motor can provide. When the battery is empty, the motor delivers its maximum power.

The revised regulations of the FIA ​​also include a new cost-saving initiative, which means that this year’s Racer is 162 kg heavier and has 32 percent less power than its predecessor. It’s also a bigger car as it’s 250mm longer, 100mm wider and 100mm higher. Toyota therefore expects lap times to be around 10 seconds slower.

Toyota also had to completely redesign the fairing of its participant, as the new regulations only allow a single body package and only one adjustable aerodynamic device. The Racer will compete with the same specifications on low and high downforce tracks, with the rear wing being the only change in the car’s airflow characteristics.

Toyota hopes its newest hybrid race car will continue the winning streak that began with the TS050 LMP1 last season. The series is slated to begin in March (if Corona regulations allow) – and Toyota will maintain the same driver line-up as last season, with world champions Mike Conway, Kamui Kobayashi and José Maria López the No. 7 GR010 Hybrid and Sébastien Buemi . pilot, Kazuki Nakajima and Brendon Hartley during the race with car number 8.

What do you think of the new Toyota GR010 Hybrid and the road car GR Super Sport? Let us know in the comments section below …

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