Toyota Avanza models in Pakistan

Toyota Avanza 2021 is a front-wheel drive, front-engined mini MPV. Toyota Avanza was launched in two generations. 1st The Toyota Avanza generation was launched in 2003 and over time the manufacturers updated and revised the car. While in 2013 Toyota Avanza 2nd Generation was introduced in the automotive industry with all of its new class. The main difference between the two generations was that Toyota made the 7-seater mini MPV with more luxurious and larger exterior dimensions and better mileage (an average of 13 km / l, which is an estimated range of up to 585 km for the compact 45 crossovers Liters of fuel). Tank) in comparison to the Toyota Avanza the 1. The car model of the Toyota Avanza Up Spec 1.5 attracted attention with its extravagant equipment and its exterior design.


Toyota Avanza 2021 highlights an interesting structural language for a mini MPV. The front section highlights precisely curved headlights, a chrome-plated radiator grille in trapezoidal style, massive protection with trapezoidal air inlet and standard haze headlights. The sides of the vehicle highlight huge wheel arches and unpretentious curves. The overall styling of the Toyota Avanza 2021 is special, highlighting unobtrusive, rich styling requirements across the body that allow it to differentiate itself from its competitors.


Toyota Avanza highlights a 7-seater format organized in three rows of seats. It contains light-dark and silver plastic trim parts. The three rows of seats are fabricated. The standard equipment includes double front airbags, cooling, container brackets, guide switches, control lock inputs, control steering, stereo speaker frames with USB, CD and AUX inputs, immobilizer and a tachometer. The general interior of the Toyota Avanza 2021 highlights a normal level of legroom in both the front and rear for a scaled down MPV of its exterior dimensions. It also offers above average levels of comfort and inner sophistication.


The vehicle has a 5-speed manual transmission and is available in six colors: Nebula Blue Metallic, Champagne Metallic, Gray Metallic, Silver Mica Metallic, Black Metallic and White. The best specs that Toyota Avanza 2021 offers are 1.5 liter DOHC 16 valve dual VVTi engine, 103 hp _ @ _ 6000 rpm and 136 Nm torque _ @ _ 4200 rpm.

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