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A used hatchback might be the best all-rounder you can buy. These models are designed to be good at everything and there are so many models out there that offer just that.

There is a tremendous amount of hatchback models in the used car market, so we’ve selected some of the best options you can find below. Each of them are great all-rounders that can be your only car all year round.

The hatchback class family consists of cars roughly the size of a Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus – these cars are often viewed as the benchmark in the class. They often come with a wide range of equipment and engines, from small 1.0 liter petrol models without air conditioning to fire-breathing 300 horsepower hatchbacks with every toy imaginable.

But the best of its kind is somewhere in between for most people – a small gasoline or diesel engine that offers good fuel economy and reliability, plus a spacious interior with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Read on for our selection.

The best used hatchbacks

  1. Skoda Octavia
  2. Toyota Prius
  3. Volkswagen Golf Mk7
  4. Ford Focus
  5. Opel astra
  6. SEAT Leon
  7. Kia Ceed Mk2
  8. Renault Megane

1. Skoda Octavia – used cars of the compact family of the year 2021

It’s not the most glamorous choice, but if you’re looking to expand your budget for a used family hatchback then the Octavia is a top choice.

The Skoda not only offers an excellent price-performance ratio, but is also the most spacious car in its class and is supported by customer satisfaction ratings, which regularly give the brand high placements in our annual driver performance surveys.

Like all the best family cars, the Octavia appears to have been designed from the inside out. While only a little longer than its most obvious competitors, the Skoda offers enough rear seat legroom to shame most large Executive models, while the car’s huge 590-liter trunk swallows whatever you can throw at it. Then there are the numerous well thought-out details, from the umbrellas stowed under the front seats to the ice scraper behind the fuel filler flap to the numerous shelves and cup holders that make this large Czech hatchback get family life going.

You won’t be short of equipment either. All versions are generously equipped, but the Mid-Spec SE really has everything you need. In addition to air conditioning, power windows and parking sensors, it also has an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment setup with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and razor-sharp graphics. A lot of safety equipment with autonomous emergency braking and seven airbags is also important for a family car.

Beneath its beautiful exterior, the Octavia is underpinned by the same Volkswagen Group MQB platform as the VW Golf and Audi A3, which means it is good to drive. Precise steering and easy-grip handling in combination with a confident driving experience ensure that the Skoda is a car that is just as comfortable in curves as it is on the motorway. And although there is a large selection of engines, the smooth-running 1.0-liter gasoline engine with turbocharging significantly exceeds its weight and ensures budget-friendly operating costs.

Last but not least, all of this is yours for less than the price of a new entry-level Skoda Fabia Supermini. What do you dislike?

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2. Toyota Prius (2016)

The Prius came of age when this fourth generation version hit the market in 2016. By combining the smooth and efficient petrol-electric drivetrain of the previous car with really confident driving behavior and handling, the striking hatchback turned out to be a hybrid hit. Early cars claimed emissions of just 70g / km of CO2, which means tiny tax bills.

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3. Volkswagen Golf Mk7

Just like the Skoda Octavia above, the Volkswagen Golf has just been replaced by a new model in the showrooms. However, the previous Mk7 was arguably an even better car than the new one and is now available at a great price if you buy used.

There is a huge range of engine and transmission options. We’d go for a 1.0 or 1.5 liter TSI engine as these are efficient, quiet and easy to drive. The manual transmission is a better choice than a DSG automatic transmission because it is more reliable and smoother (the car tends to be a little jerky in traffic).

There are station wagons too if you need more functionality – but since the regular Golf has a large trunk, lots of space in the back and lots of storage space in the car, you probably won’t. The Golf is good at almost everything, so it’s an easy recommendation and there are thousands for sale at a time. It’s a brilliant choice.

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4. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a great choice for used hatchbacks if you are interested in how a car drives. The Focus is one of the most fun hatches you can buy, and it’s next to the Mazda 3 on this list when it comes to driving the fun. It has quick and responsive steering, powerful engines, a comfortable but controlled chassis and a nice manual transmission.

The EcoBoost versions offer good fuel economy and are still fun, or there are diesel options for those who travel a lot on the motorway. The Focus is comfortable and refined at speed, so it’s great no matter what type of road you’re on.

It’s roomy enough for most, but it’s not as practical as the Golf or Octavia – the rear seats aren’t quite as roomy.

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5. Opel Astra

The Opel Astra’s anonymous look hides a fantastic everyday car, so don’t overlook it. It gets made even better by the fact that there are tons for sale at great prices, so it’s a little bargain.

The Astra is fun to drive thanks to a range of surprisingly powerful engines, especially the diesel, and an entertaining chassis that stays calm on country roads and is fun to drive around corners. The interior is boring, but it gets its job done with a lot of technology and comfortable seats.

There are automatic and manual versions, and while the manual is more fun, the car is great for those who regularly commute in traffic.

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6. SEAT Leon

The SEAT Leon is a sister car of the Skoda Octavia and the Volkswagen Golf and the most fun to drive of the trio. It has the same range of engines, so we can again recommend the 1.0-liter or 1.5-liter TSI petrol engines because of their economy and smoothness.

You might want to look at the Leon instead of the Golf or Octavia because it’s the most stylish too – we think the sharp looks are the best of them all. It’s great value for money and comes with a lot of tech, including smartphone connectivity on most models, so you don’t need a sat nav version as you can use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay instead.

The Leon is practical, with a large trunk and roomy rear seats, and while a bit stiffer than the Golf or Octavia, it’s not uncomfortable.

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7. Kia Ceed Mk2

The third generation Kia Ceed is a much better car than the Mk2 we’re focusing on here, but it’s still pretty new and therefore pretty expensive at the moment. What really appeals to the second generation car is that it is very cheap to buy now, but there are models that are still covered by the seven year factory warranty. A 2018 model still has five years left, which is more than most new cars get.

That means you can be sure that the Ceed is reliable, and while it’s not much of a car to the driver, it’s comfortable enough. It’s practical and spacious enough for the family and has a decent trunk. Best of all, it is powered by a number of gasoline and diesel engines that are very economical, especially the 1.6 liter diesel which makes a lot of sense for frequent drivers.

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8. Renault Megane

The Renault Megane is one of the most stylish cars on this list and on that basis alone it can appeal as a family car. But the Megane underpins its appearance, because it is a great family car with a large trunk, plenty of space for the passengers and a pleasant driving experience.

It’s not the funniest hatchback unless you go for the incredibly good RenaultSport models, although those cars are much more expensive as they are popular with enthusiasts. However, the basic Megane is comfortable and relaxing enough for most.

There is a wide range of engines to choose from, and the technology is good too. The touchscreens are a bit fiddly to use, however, so double-check that you’re satisfied before you buy.

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