Suzuki GS 150 SE 2021 Price & Specifications in Pakistan

Suzuki GS 150 SE 2021 Price & Specifications in Pakistan

Suzuki GS 150 SE specifications

Bike name Suzuki GS 150 SE
Manufacturer Suzuki
model GS 150 SE
engine 4-stroke single cylinder air-cooled
shift 150 cc
Bore & stroke 57.0 x 56.8 mm
compression ratio 9.2: 1
coupling Wet multiple plate
transmission 5-speed
Starting Kick & electric start
frame Backbone type
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1890
Ground clearance 155 mm
Gasoline capacity 12 liters
Front tire 2.75 – 18
Rear tire 3.0 – 18
Dry weight 116 kg

One of the big names in the automotive industry, Pak Suzuki Motor Co., announced the delivery of the latest model of their critically acclaimed motorcycle, for example the Suzuki GS150 SE 2021. The GS 150 SE happens to stand out among the most dominant bikes in the nation. The extraordinary power arises through the use of the most modern and increasingly advanced technologies.

Special version with comfortable seating:

The special construction of the bike offers a lot of fascination and attraction for the spectators. The body panels, especially the fuel tank and side splayers, have been enhanced with eye-catching designs. The upgraded styling of the seat and other body parts makes the motorcycle unimaginably comfortable for both the driver and the passenger. It will be especially useful for the public taking a long drive.

Electric start together with 5-speed gearbox:

The conventional 70 cc or even more dominant bike has a 4-speed gear frame. In the cheap price of the Suzuki GS150 SE 2021 in Pakistan, the bike offers customers a powered 5-speed transmission system that is typically found in four-wheeled vehicles. This contributes a lot to the calming and character of the drive. The electric starting frame in turn eliminates the problem of repeatedly pressing your foot against the kick.

More grip on the road:

As a bicycle, the bicycle is considered to be one of the most dangerous cars on the go. In fact, even a small stone in its direction can cause mishap. A fast biker is at greater risk of losing a life. The safety of the driver can be increased significantly by improving the grip between the road and the tire.

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