Next-Gen Pure Electric BMW 5 & 7 Series is coming soon

BMW aims to dominate the electronics market by launching a long list of electric vehicles, including the BMW iX3, BMW i4, and iNext, as well as next-generation BMW 5 and 7 Series sedans that could be among them. The fully electric powered BMW 7 Series is known and known as the BMW i7, and there are more and more developments going on.

BMW sources assume that the battery capacity can range from 80 kWh to 120 kWh. That enthusiast, the future i7, could offer 700 kilometers or 434 miles of range on a single charge, which is simply incredible and unbreakable for its competitors.


Some experts suggested that the BMW i7 could be offered with different electric motors. The range-top variant should have two electric motors that would give the model all-wheel drive and the combined output of around 650 hp. These 5 and 7 series are to be offered with gasoline, diesel and hybrid drives. As the all-electric variants are added, BMW will cover all the basics effectively. The model will go into production in late 2021 or early 2022.

It is expected to hit the market as an all-electric variant of the current generation model, with the i7 officially launched following the sale of the next generation BMW 7 Series. After the 7-series workout, BMW plans to launch an all-electric version of the 5-series to follow the growing market trend for electric vehicles. Given the growing trends and demands to redirect fuel consumption to electric drive, BMW has already planned to develop an all-electric range, not just one but several, in order to reach potential customers and share market share with its competitors in the electric manufacturing industry.

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