New Toyota Corolla Cross launched in Japan in 2022

Toyoya launched the new Corolla Cross in Japan. Prices start at the equivalent of around £ 13,000 for the cheapest 1.8 liter variant and rise to around £ 21,000 for the top hybrid.

While this launch isn’t of much importance to the UK right now, there is a chance the Corolla Cross could break out of its Asian homeland and enter the European market, where it will become another rival for the Nissan Qashqai, SEAT Ateca, and Peugeot 3008.

Toyota has not yet confirmed whether the Corolla Cross will make it to Europe, but the company’s offering is becoming increasingly international – especially when it comes to SUVs.

For example, the Toyota Highlander (which was traditionally a model reserved for Japan, Australia and the United States) was recently introduced in the UK. The current generation Camry has also been brought back to the UK after a 14 year hiatus.

Our spy photographers recently spotted a camouflaged version of the Corolla Cross being tested in the US, suggesting an imminent launch for the region – and if Toyota follows the same strategy as the Highlander, the UK couldn’t be far behind.

The company’s new European boss, Matt Harrison, has also indicated that a new SUV the size of the Corolla Cross is on its way to Europe. Last year he told us: “In our opinion, the segments are growing, some are so large that one cannot cover them with one product.

“You need at least a few entries within the segment. C-HR is a good example; With C-HR, we successfully achieve eight percent market share with a product that makes an emotional decision. It was chosen based on style, design and drivability rather than pure practicality.

“But there is a large part of the C-SUV segment that we don’t really address. We’re playing at the upper end of the C-SUV segment and are almost fishing for the premium segment. So, to be honest, we see further opportunities with SUV products. “

The Corolla Cross could be the model that fills that void, sitting next to the C-HR as a more practical alternative and intermediary between it and the larger RAV4. So when it reaches the UK it must have a starting price of around £ 24,000. Here’s everything we know about the Crown Cross so far:

New Toyota Corolla Cross 2022: platform and powertrain

The Corolla Cross is based on the same GA-C platform as the Corolla hatchback, which is available in Japan with two 1.8-liter four-cylinder petrol engines.

The cheapest option at £ 13,000 has no electric assistance, while more expensive variants get the same 120-horsepower hybrid drive found in the Toyota Prius. If the SUV makes it to the UK, it will likely only be available with the hybrid system.

Japanese buyers can also have the 1.8-liter hybrid with an electrified rear axle and four-wheel drive, while the Malaysian version of the car comes with a 181-horsepower 2.0-liter gasoline hybrid drive. Every engine offered in the SUV is also coupled with a CVT transmission.

The new SUV is 4,460 mm long, 1,825 mm wide and 1,620 mm high. There’s also enough room for five adults and a trunk big enough to hold 487 liters, which puts the Corolla Cross way ahead of the 377 liters of the C-HR. The tailgate can also be equipped with a kick sensor under the rear bumper.

New Toyota Corolla Cross 2022: design and interior

Toyota appears to have used the smaller Yaris Cross as a starting point for the design of the Corolla Cross. Judging by the similarities between our spy footage and the official Toyota images, the car’s styling won’t change for its Western debut either.

The Corolla Cross shares the same tall grille, slim headlights and profile as the Yaris Cross. Even the cladding of the wheel arches and sills of the SUV is familiar, but it is a radical departure from the design language of the Corolla hatchback.

Specifications vary by region, but the best-equipped versions of the Corolla Cross come with a wireless smartphone charger, electric seats, automatic air conditioning, a 4.2-inch digital display for the instrument cluster, and a nine-inch infotainment system equipped, which also seems to be shared with the new Yaris Cross.

In addition, Toyota has equipped the Corolla Cross with a 100-volt accessory socket with an emergency power function, which can be used to supply power to household appliances such as a kettle in the event of a power failure. In addition, there is a large number of assistance technologies such as hill start assist, parking sensors and functions that reduce unwanted acceleration.

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