BMW Official believes that electric cars will not be completely silent

Everyone is now familiar with BMW’s bold plan to convert its production exclusively to electric vehicles. In a constantly changing society, the Bavarian automobile manufacturer adapts its production to customer needs. While we have already seen major changes in the automotive industry, this time around it can be said that we are about to see a real revolution in this industry. With this in mind, many have asked the question of whether electric vehicles will ever have a certain sound, as is the case with fuel-based vehicles.

A BMW official Frank Van Meel shared his opinion on the future of electric vehicle sound. Most people think that electric vehicles are dead silent. Van Meel is certain that this will change over time. He remembers the sound of the first diesel vehicles and compares it to the fine sound that diesel cars make today. He is certain that electric vehicles will produce an equally interesting sound over time. This is an interesting topic indeed. Will the world be a lot quieter when electric vehicles gain ground? Only time can tell. At this point there are different opinions on this particular problem.

Another question is whether or not it is actually beneficial to have quiet cars. While most would praise the fact that such vehicles reduce noise pollution, they are the ones who are concerned about how easily such vehicles will be recognizable. Silent cars could be as useful as they are dangerous. As electric vehicles slowly become part of our reality, there are still many questions and problems to be solved. As with the sound of these vehicles, we’ll have to wait and see what new problems emerge and how they will be resolved to make electric vehicles safe and efficient.

Undoubtedly, BMW will be one of the electric vehicle pioneers who will participate in the process of making efficient electric vehicles. Against this background, BMW is likely to set standards in the development of electric vehicles. It is important for the automotive industry to develop on the right track. Since BMW stands behind the future of vehicles, the path taken by the automotive industry is undoubtedly the right one. At this point we can only check how many people will be driving a BMW electric vehicle in the near future.

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